Choosing a Domain Name for Business

Choosing a Domain Name
For Business

Choose well whether you’re creating a flagship blog for your business or registering a domain for your niche site, you need to take some time when choosing a domain name for business. Look at these following guidelines to help you find an ideal domain name for your site. I did not choose well when I started and back then there were more domain name available than now, but I did the best I could if I had known better I certainly would have done better. Oh yes, before I forget to tell you try to buy .com domain names if possible, if you need to, resort to others like .net .org I happen to have had good fortune with .org for search listings, but have no scientific proof of that. On a rare occasion I have have gone exotic for a specific purpose, Like this business card below.
choosing a domain name for business

1. Purpose.
First you’ll need to figure out the purpose of your website. Is it to establish yourself in a niche? If so, you’ll need to do some keyword research to figure out which phrases would naturally attract traffic.Are you buying a domain to sell a product? If so, your product name or a variation of the product name should be your domain name. Ideally, your website’s domain should either describe what the website is about ( is about building membership sites) or include keywords related to your product or service ( is about losing weight, and it includes a popular keyword phrase). Determining the purpose of you website will help you decide what phrases to use.

2. Presence
When choosing a domain name for SEO how important is it to you to have an exact keyword phrase in your domain? For some websites, you may be able to use another similar phrase. But for others you may need that exact phrase. In the second case, you can try adding prefixes or suffixes to your domain name if your exact phrase is taken. This way you’ll still be able to use the phrase and establish yourself in the niche. A general rule of thumb is to use no more than two hyphens in a domain name and no hyphens is even better. I have in the distant past used hyphens, I remember a couple of them; and these were feeder sites to my main site each of those sites delivered at least 10 clicks a month to Now you may not be impressed by the click totals but I was selling horses from $3000-$6000 a head so justifying $8 a year to sell even one horse was a no-brainier. (note: I no longer have these domain names as I no longer sell horses) This shows that domain names need not be forever, you use them then let them go when they no longer serve you.

3. Use
Whether choosing a domain name for a personal website or buying a domain name to build a niche mini-site that acts as a feeder site to your main site? Are you looking to build an authority site in your niche? Your domain name choice should be determined by how you will use it. A niche mini-site domain name can be a lot more specific and long tail than an authority site. For example: is a very niche specific has enough leeway for you to build a general authority site.

Get a domain name that defines your customer service area. If I have a meat market in my town my domain name might be and I can almost be 100% sure that I can get that domain name and that Google and other Search engines will love me and put me on the first page of the local search results.

4. Price
to register an available domain name will cost anywhere between $10 and $15 per year depending on what company you’re registering them through. Some people are selling domain names they have registered, I have a rule I never buy a domain name. Do your research and you will find the perfect domain for just the registration fee. Never buy your domain name from your web hosting company, these is a high probability you will want a different web hosting and it just complicates things, take my word for it.

All of these factors will come into play when you are choosing a domain name for business. Make sure to carefully consider how your domain name will be used before you buy. I admit I am a domain name junkie I use them for many reasons:

You now should be confident in making the right choice for a domain name. If you are having problems or doubts simply tell me in the comments below and I will assist you.

Dale Lars Anderson


Small Online Business or Penny Pinching

Small Online Business or Penny  Pinching Seniors Get to Choose

Retired seniors are discovering that it’s very difficult to save money on a fixed income. Prices on everything keep rising while the income stays the same. Unless you’re independently wealthy upon retirement, you may find yourself cutting coupons and even cutting back on medical prescriptions to save money for essentials such as rent and utilities.

The Social Security Administration announced the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2017 is only 0.3%. That means, on average, seniors will get an extra $5.00 per month next year.

The COLA is unfortunately based on younger working adults, in short the cost of gas has gone down for them. The cost of Medicare part B is going up in 2017, wiping out the $5 and more for seniors.

According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI) 10% of people over 65 live in poverty. In 1991 50% of seniors retired before age 65, in 2014 that number was cut in half, getting expensive out there folks!

You don’t have to live the rest of your life saving money to make ends meet. With the advent of the Internet, many opportunities are now available that have never been open to you before.

Seniors are learning new technology and taking advantage of free online educational opportunities like tutorials, videos, reports, eBooks, articles, all can be easily found using the search features in your browser.

Alternative to Penny Pinching
Seniors are learning new technology and taking advantage of free online educational opportunities like tutorials, videos, reports, eBooks, articles, all can be easily found using the search features in your browser

Starting your own Internet business can be fun and rewarding – not only from a monetary standpoint, but mentally stimulating as well. Even if you don’t know a great deal about computers, there’s plenty of help (including school classes, books and online tutorials and sites) to boost you along.

If you’re looking for some type of job to keep you active and help supplement your retirement income, you need to look no farther than starting an online business. You can set your own hours and go as far with the business as you desire.

money disappering
watching You Money Disappear

A warning is in order here, do not go in debt to start a business, this is true for everyone and especially true for seniors. Get your business going first find buyers willing to buy what you got a at price that is profitable to you. You can then pay for equipment and inventory from your sales profits.

Most new entrepreneurs worry about the small stuff before they actually have sales. No need for a bank account before you have money to put in it. The IRS is not concerned about your business name, corporation, LLC, partnership, limited partnership, sole proprietorship not until you make a profit, then toe the line.

It’s Hard to Save Enough
With the rising cost of living, it seems that no one is able to save enough to let them completely retire. That means you’re going to have to rethink your plans for retirement. Rather than trying to save enough, you need to start thinking about working after retirement to supplement the retirement income. Most seniors live with fear of outliving their savings, now that a not a very good choice die and have money or live and be spend the rest of your golden years as a pauper. Even if you save a lot, the Fed has brought your interest on savings from over 5% in 2007 to an all time low of about 0% in 2009, and that was your ultimate ace in the hole, supplementing your retirement with all that earned interest…gone down the rabbit hole.

Start Your Online Business Early
If you’re still working, you can begin your Internet business as a part time venture and build it up so that when you do retire, your income from the business can be just the boost you need to keep you from having to look for a job outside the home.

One of the great things about starting an online business is that it takes very little out of pocket money to begin. You just need a computer, know how to use it and you can begin immediately. If you start early, learn, and work consistently, you can create a vibrant online money machine that will supplement your retirement fund for years to come.

It’s disappointing to reach your senior years and have to pinch pennies to make ends meet. You don’t have to let that happen to you if you have the desire and time to research and begin a business of your own based on Internet skills you either already know or can learn.

Begin now exploring various ways you can supplement your income after retirement. Make sure you look into options on the Internet, such as Internet marketing, book publishing and more. You can make the business as successful as you desire and still have time to spoil the grandchildren and take some trips you’ve always dreamed of.